How to Increase Brain Efficiency


Many interesting tips to improve the mind and the ability to concentrate

Mental arithmetic

The mental arithmetic Trainer memory; let lie the calculator and calculate as while shopping the total of – you will see that it works better with every purchase (and the shopping list can then also stay at home).

Painting & Drawing

Draw a picture, because the creative painting stimulates the right hemisphere of the brain and stimulates creativity. Record your art supplies and start to paint in order to increase the efficiency of the brain.


Please keep in mind that even your brain has a need of sleep. Sleeping “by” the brain and removes unimportant thoughts. Especially in the age you will not want to miss the short nap.

Continuous Training & Exercise

It has been demonstrated, which is increased by continuous and repetitive training, the performance enhancement of the brain and thereby arise even new nerve cells in the brain.


Meditation is known that IQ can be increased to relieve stress and thereby promotes brain functions.

Learning Party for brain’s / joyfully

Learn meaningful and interesting things, because what you enjoy, also gets your brain good because it has a lot ungenutzes potential.

Avoid fast food

Mostly it has been demonstrated that is geogenically with fast food a lot of energy from the brain (for digestion) and thus reduces the performance; avoid too, at least in front of the Learning and before important exams this food.

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing (and sports) increases the oxygen content in the blood and thus the blood flow to the brain. 15 minutes a day and relaxed deep breathing exercises can improve your quality of life and the brain functionality tremendously.

Learn languages

Foreign languages ​​to learning brings more structure in the brain and improves the Language Centre; even your chances on the labor market increased to a useful side effect.

Fish oil

Fish and fish oil (in capsules) are literally as building blocks for the brain and help the concentration and brain activity to increase.

The effect of coffee

Studies show that students who drink coffee prior to the tests, have better performances. Thus, caffeine appears to stimulate the brain, to enhance the activity and to improve the concentration.

Laughter causes a natural release of endorphins in the brain, thereby increasing the overall well-being. There is not nothing the saying “laughter keeps healthy”; So you look at once witty skits on TV and read the part with the jokes in your newspaper – you do not believe? But it’s also a fun party you get good!

Vitamins / Multivitamin

Of course, vitamins are very important for the brain. Think daily healthy fruit and vegetables, if necessary multivitamins in tablets can be taken as a supplement in your diet – you’ll be amazed at the effect! Watch out for the powerful ingredients being used in powerful Nootropic supplements.

Healthy eating

You know eingentlich what is healthy food, why this is important for the brain? The brain requires a certain amount of energy for optimal brain function. Only with chocolate chips and you can not think enough.

Define goals

This activates the areas of the brain for a positive thinking. “Set goals” is important for success and prosperity in life and for the brain.


It has been proved that listening to music promotes the brain and improves the cell structure. People listen to the music are smarter and smarter as a rule.

Avoid stress

Too much stress can make brain cells die off and reduce the brain function.

A positive view of life

If you think positively, chances are good that you already increased your ability to think. Take 10 minutes daily time to process particularly the positive things of the day again.

Write reports

Be as a blog on the Internet, or a diary, because it improves your language, and you can convey your feelings and thoughts. The letter is a great way to train the mind and improve the ability to analyze and to end one day successfully.

To solve a crossword

Crossword bring the brain’s ability in thinking and to train the memory. Solve daily puzzles in the newspaper, so you will notice how the memory will always be more increased.

Eat nuts

Not for nothing, there is the so-called “trail mix” before the tests. Not only students, but also studies show that nuts boosts brain activity and increases retentiveness.

Eat eggs

The saturated fatty acids in eggs are particularly increase the memory, other constituents of the egg are namely also in our brain.

Red wine

Alcohol in small amounts (!) Is gur for the brain. It has been demonstrated that the antioxidants contained protect the brain (and heart). A glass a day is a healthy amount – please no more 😉

Water and tea

Our brain consists of about 3/4 of water, therefore, has the drinking liquids a high influence on brain function.

You should know that green tea promotes blood circulation especially the brain and stimulates positive.

Read books

Reading brings your brain when processing large amounts of information in a short time. Books promote thinking skills and memory, and also to build vocabulary.

Wines & Feelings

Weep, if need be! Feelings promote healthy blood flow in the brain – and the brain needs its pats.

Have breakfast

A good breakfast is especially for children, the most important meal of the day, because it brings the brain the energy for the whole morning and also provides for better grades.


Make a walk again! It brings the mind into a relaxed state and promotes clear thinking – make your brain with oxygen.


If you are at school, or classes (VHS) prove you raising your brain power than average! You improve your self-discipline, general learning and their mental processing.